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Welcome to Top Kids!

Making a difference to the lives of orphan children

They just want a family!

Happy smiling faces, enjoying the attention but more than anything, they just want to be in a loving family. They cling to you in hope and sometimes they will even ask if they can go home with you. It's understandable. Of course they want somewhere to belong. It's only natural and why shouldn't they. Children are meant to be raised in a family. They need to be loved and they need a home. Is it too much to ask? Together, we can make it possible!

Supporting great families

The foster parents are very special people. Many have provided a loving home for over twenty children through the years. It can be very hectic at the weekends when older ones return to visit! Top Kids helps to support the foster families, materially, financially and personally. The foster parents themselves, make great sacrifices to fund the family needs. The donations we receive really help to make a difference and the knowledge that other people are thinking of them and giving support, is a massive encouragement.

Visiting teams

There is nothing like experiencing things for yourself! You go back with stories and memories that are deeply personal and then you share them with your own friends. Long before the charity was launched, we would ask people in Belarus what could be done to help. One reply will never be forgotten - just come and you will see for yourself. Visiting was more important. No one was asking for anything but to know that people cared meant everything. Since then, there has been lots of visitors and many have returned more than once. Most have left a part of their heart in Belarus!

Candle Companies supporting our children

Our local town is a very friendly place and we are making new connections all the time. The first time we met the candlemakers, the owner apologised to me. Curious I asked why and he explained that it was him who had bid against me at the auction! There was just the two of us and he was sorry! That's business and it's what auctions are all about. At the time, I admit, I was a little disappointed. The auctioneer had told me that I was the only one but then at the last minute I had a competitor. I had often thought of all the things I could have done with the extra money but the person apologizing was a candlemaker and his candles were really good. Immediately I realised the potential. If we could sell his candles then maybe, we could get all that money back and even more! We could see the opportunity but we were too busy helping the families. We needed others to sell them. We promoted the candles and in time two different friends could also see the potential. Now they have established their own businesses and they are selling his candles, in the UK and America! Both want to help us develop a great place for orphan children and the foster families. The candles are really unique and very beautiful. We're sure you'll want to buy some. Please recommend them to your friends. To buy candles in the US, please visit Melt Candle Company. And for all the UK customers, please go to Kirah Candles.

Welcome to Top Kids!

The children we help live in the Republic of Belarus, which was the country most affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster. Whilst a strategy is in place to close the orphanages, there are still approximately 8000 children living in institutions, without the parental love that they desperately need. Top Kids! encourages families to open up their homes so that the orphan children can have a better future. We then support the families through the kind donations and sponsorship of people who choose to help us. Most of our families care for a minimum of five children and quite a few even have ten! The foster parents are amazing people who love the children very much and willingly make great sacrifices to cover their financial costs. The change that takes place in the children, when they move from an orphanage into a loving family home, is quite amazing. Their faces light up and their outlook becomes completely different!


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Creating a brighter future for orphan children and foster families in Belarus