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A picture of contentment!

Tuesday, 25, July , 2017 by

Time to rest is an essential part of a healthy life but for those who love their work so much, rest can be alien concept! For many of the foster parents, true rest is not even contemplated or understood. It’s hard to get them to rest but when they do, our mission is accomplished! They

Way beyond our expectations!!

Saturday, 22, July , 2017 by

So, as we hosted another great family, we organised a bit of a competition to add to the fun. The children needed to clean and tidy their rooms and be creative in the task. We gave them a challenge of making animals with their towels. We started with teddy bears, as something simple but the

Family time & Date night!

Saturday, 22, July , 2017 by

It’s always a real pleasure to visit the families, in their own homes. It means a lot to them and especially when we have a team visiting with us! The welcome and hospitality is really beautiful. Memory moments are made for everyone. On one such visit we took a team of ladies from Gloucester and

Fierce competition!

Saturday, 22, July , 2017 by

International Children’s Day is a great reason to celebrate with some of our families. We organised a summer fayre, with: Throw the welly; Hoopla; Coconut shy; Sack races; Tug-of-war; and Hook the duck, just to name a few of the activities. Hot dogs & home made beef burgers filled the hungry tummies! It wasn’t the