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Making a difference to the lives of orphan children

The Dream Home

This has been an ambitious project. Turning an old college into a living home is no easy task but the end is finally in sight. The home is a great place to welcome families and to give them a break from the busy-ness of their lives. Sometimes they come for a meal and other times they stay with us for a few days. Everyone comments on how it is so peaceful and relaxing.

Home redevelopment

We visit some situations where the foster parents have extended their homes, at great expense, just so that they can care for more children. Sometimes we see needs that cannot be afforded and we would like to help. It may be an extra bedroom or an inside toilet! Your donations help us to support such families and give them the facilities that they need.


We love to bring a few families together and give them a party. It's always a great occasion, with lots of fun and it gives the families a chance to get to know each other. Sometimes the children will do a little concert using their many different talents. Of course, presents are also very important and very much appreciated!

Special day for the mothers

With the help of a team of ladies from Gloucester, we have been able to organise some very special days for the Foster mums. They work so hard caring for their children that we felt they deserved a little TLC themselves! These days are now very popular with the mums and many new friendships have been formed.

Humanitarian Aid

The problem with children is that they grow so much and so quickly. Consequently, they are always needing bigger clothes. You can imagine what this means if you have a family of eight or more! We help out by sending new and good quality second hand clothes, through humanitarian aid. We are grateful to our friends in Gloucester who make all of this possible and to our many supporters throughout the UK who collect in their local areas.

Family holidays

We love to give the families a rest when they need it. We have lots of fun together and they are special times. This is one little thank you letter: Hello, dear friends! My name is Kate. I am 13 years old. I want to thank you for your help to our family. This is the second year we come here to have a rest. This year we have been to various places. Most of all to I remembered aqua park, roundabouts and McDonald's. It was so awesome! We had lots of fun with family. We ate ice cream and that was a very cool time. Thank you for it!