A picture of contentment!

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Time to rest is an essential part of a healthy life but for those who love their work so much, rest can be alien concept! For many of the foster parents, true rest is not even contemplated or understood. It’s hard to get them to rest but when they do, our mission is accomplished!
They work so hard, not just caring for up to 10 children but also running the home, milking the cows, weeding the vegetable garden, checking the homework and completing family reports, just to name a few responsibilities.
With the help of great friends from the UK, we have been able to give some of our parents the opportunity to have the weight of responsibility, lifted off their shoulders and it’s just fantastic when you see them relaxing.
One mother told us last year, that it was her first real rest in 15 years! What a privilege for us to make it happen. The children had a great time too, with a fun filled activity program. No wonder they really love being in the Dream Home!