Creating a brighter future for orphan children and foster families

Orphan children

Many children face traumas in life that should never be experienced by anyone! Not only is their whole existence turned upside down but often they are treated as a nuisance – at the bottom of the pile!

We call our charity Top Kids! because we are determined to help them feel special and let them know that there are people who really care about them. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a loving, safe, and positive environment, with lots of encouragement. We also believe that, being an orphan, does not prevent them from achieving great things in life, no matter what has happened to them.

The Vision

The vision of Top Kids is to give orphan and social orphan children a brighter future.  We do this in a number of practical ways, including encouraging families in Belarus to open up their homes and their hearts to become foster parents and to provide a loving family home for the orphan children. Homes where they know that they are loved, accepted and safe. We then support these families in a number of ways; emotionally, materially, financially and pastorally.

We are also making plans to build homes, where children with specific needs can live in a family too. We have the land and we are hoping that we will soon be given the permissions needed. By being close together, the families will be able to support and encourage each other.

Registered Charity

Top Kids! is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (England and Wales), Charity Number 1175282. 

Board of Trustees

Dr Glen Baker, Alan Shearn, Paul Mallett and Nathan Duggan are the trustees of TOP Kids.
Together they provide many years of experience working in the voluntary sector for charities.

Volunteers making it happen

All of our UK team are working on a voluntary basis. We also appreciate the help of many volunteers from across the UK. The dedication of everyone involved is what helps us to develop this growing charity.