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Family Fun Days

Girls sack race

Great friendships are formed when we spend fun times together. International Children’s Day is a good reason to celebrate outside, with competitions, a tasty BBQ and lots of laughter! It was lovely to see the competitiveness in their eyes!

These times together are really special.

Imagine caring for up to 10 children, every day! The foster parents are amazing people and we recognise that sometimes they need a rest. Our parents days are a time to honour them, bless them and give them a little time to relax together. For the mothers there is the opportunity for some pampering that includes: hairstyling; makeup; a photo shoot and some craft activities. The fathers enjoy chatting together! Then we have a really nice meal together. The parents really appreciate these times.

Parent Days


Family Holidays

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Everyone likes to have a summer holiday and our families are no exception but for many it is a totally new concept and initially they can need some gentle persuasion! Once they have realised the benefits, there is no hesitation the next time! One mother contacted us the day before coming and said, “This is the first time that we have been on such an adventure, together with our children and we are all very excited!”

Christmas and New Year is a very special time at the Dream Home! Every year we try to add to our collection of lighting and decorations, to make everywhere beautiful for the children. We have a lot of fun together, with games and challenges and delicious food and of course a present to go home with!